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The Rebuilder's Thread Repair Kits
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The Rebuilder's Thread Repair Kits The Rebuilder's Thread Repair Kits

Thread repair - the most frustrating problems we face when salvaging cores.
Enginetech "Time Sert" and "Big Sert" thread repair kits solve the problem one and for all. They utilize solid bushing inserts that are easy to install and will accept and maintain as much or more torque as the original threaded hole. The solid bushing inserts mechanically lock into place to prevent backing out and also provide a leak proof thread repair.

Installation of the Enginetech's solid type bushing is an easy process. In most cases all you have to do is drill out the affected hole, counter bore, tap and install the bushing.

The "timed" thread design of Enginetech's thread repair inserts makes them the thinnest solid bushing on the market and allows them to be installed anywhere a coiled insert can be used.

Many specialty repairs cannot be performed with a coiled wire type of insert. Thread repair of crankshaft "snouts" are risky because of the high torque load and vibration, but Enginetech's solid inserts work every time.

If you are looking for new alternatives to thread repairs look at the advantages of the solid bushing system:

• Greater strength to withstand the full torque loads intended for the original threads.
• The solid bushing design will reseal a hole that is open to coolant or oil.
• Thin enough to be installed virtually anywhere.
• Easy to install - Simply drill out, re-tap and countersink the hole. All the necessary tools are includedin the kits.
• Enginetech's solid bushing inserts are made of phosphate coated carbon steel or stainless steel.

Enginetech solid bushing thread repair inserts are the best repair for damaged spark plug threads so common in aluminum heads.

• Each insert is designed for the specific repair required and are stronger than the threads they replace.
• Spark plug inserts are plated with silver or copper to assure proper heat transfer and prevent corrosion due to proximity of dissimilar metals.
• Spark plug inserts offer good release so the spark plug can be removed without taking the insert with it.

Enginetech "Time Serts" & "Big Serts" are available in U. S. & metric, spark plug repair inserts, tapered pipe thread inserts, and both carbon & stainless steel.

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